University of St Andrews Law Society will be making a visit to University of Edinburgh's Mooting Society to sit in on their proceedings and meet society members. As St Andrews does not have a mooting society, it's a great opportunity for those wishing to get an idea of what mooting is all about and is also suited for those who are just curious to what it is exactly! Sure to be a great way to spend a Wednesday, boost your knowledge of the activity at University of Edinburgh's annual Freshers Moot! 

For future barristers, this provides just the opportunity you were looking for to introduce yourself to advocacy and the chance to chat up current law students. 

The Law Society will meet at the Union for 11:00 am before getting the train down to Edinburgh and hope to see you there!

Cost: £15 per train ticket, and £5 for the mooting year

Feel free to send us a message with any questions!