Held at School I, Sallies Quad

Get involved with the Law Society and run for a committee position! 

Below are the positions we will be nominating. If you want to get in touch with any of the current members whose names are included, feel free to email them and hear about their experience.

President (Bia Carboni)
Vice-President (Jenn Nelson)
Treasurer (Ben Quilligotti)
Secretary (Conni Pope)
Director of UK Sponsorship (Jasmine Godfrey)
Director of North American Sponsorship (Chase Hopkins)
Publicity Officer (Lindsay Hamel)
Social Secretary (Harriet Bryant)
Bar Representative (Charlotte Branfield)

In order to run or vote you must be a paid member of the society. Each person should prepare a 2-3 minute speech and be prepared for some possible questions. 

We look forward to hearing those speeches!