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Location: University of Dundee Law School 

Peter Dodge studied at Cambridge and prior to being called to the Bar, he worked in the City as a fund manager in the asset management division of Rothschild. He participated in the London Business School’s Investment Management Programme and holds the Certified Diploma in Accounting and Finance awarded by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Peter is a member of Radcliffe Chambers in Lincoln’s Inn, London. His practice has three core areas: commercial dispute resolution (in particular, in the banking and financial services sector), property litigation and professional liability.

There is the opportunity to join Dundee Mooting Society for a drink at their sponsor pub afterwards with Peter.

We will be leaving St Andrews from the main bus station at 15:20 and will be back in St Andrews by 20:00.

For more information, please email mooting@st-andrews.ac.uk.